Introducing our new CO2 division.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning/ Grit blasting/
Surface Coating/Hydro-Blasting

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning-  This non-abrasive, non-conductive form of blast cleaning utilizes compressed air to propel dry ice pellets to a surface for cleaning (similar to sandblasting).  The blast cleaning media (dry ice pellets) will impact the surface, remove the contaminate, and then sublimate (pass from solid to gaseous state w/o becoming a liquid).  Thus, it is safe for machined surfaces, and areas sensitive to contamination from cleaning media.  If water blasting or grit blasting are an appropriate form of media, we can perform the work using that process.  If water or grit blasting are not the appropriate media to perform the work then the Dry Ice Blasting may be the better option.

No matter what the blasting project, TEX BLAST has the right tools and equipment for the job, as well as experienced personnel to get your job done safe and right.

TEX BLAST has the right tools for any blast job. Sand, abrasive, dry ice, or water.

TEX BLAST has the right people to get the job done safe and on schedule.

TEX BLAST is the right choice for your project.